Where Do I Recycle A Microwave Oven In Chicago Area?


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Chicago has a fantastic and comprehensive recycling program, organized and publicized by the Chicago Recycling Coalition, which is working to promote recycling and re-use of old appliances, clothes and most house-hold items. Microwave ovens are classed under "household appliances", and there are a number of ways you can dispose of your microwave oven in Chicago in a safe, economic and environmentally friendly way.

One way you can get rid of your old microwave oven is to trade it in when purchasing a new one. Many electrical appliance retailers, such as Sears, will offer a trade in program if you take your old microwave oven into the store. You may even get a discount off your new purchase. Discount branches of these stores, such as Sears Appliance Outlet Store, will restore and refurbish old microwave ovens and sell them at a cheaper price, meaning your oven could be put to good use in the future.

Another way of recycling your old microwave is by contacting the Salvation Army on 8885-PICKUP. Your old microwave oven will be received as a donation and will be collected from your home - but only if it is in good condition and still works. Alternatively, you could take your old microwave oven to a local scrap dealer, as many of these usually accept household appliances such as microwaves.

In the city of Chicago, those living in an apartment building of four or less units can place unwanted or old microwaves (and other appliances) in the alleys. There, they will be collected by trucks from the Department of Streets and Sanitation, and disposed of carefully and safely.

If you would like any more information about recycling household appliances in Chicago, or about Chicago's recycling facilities for other products, please visit Here you will find information about recycling, local environmental news and can even sign up to receive the free Chicago Recycling Coalition newsletter.

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