How Can I Detect Woodworm?


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There are ways with which you can detect a woodworm as they are prevalent in timber. If you find holes on the surface of the wood, you can think that there is prevalence of woodworm. They make small, round holes that are between one-and-a-half and two millimetres in diameter on the surface of the timber and leave a trail of gritty bore-dust.
The species that create holes are called the larvae of beetles which feed on the timber and if there are large holes on the surface of the wood, it means that an adult beetle has emerged from the timber and is on the lookout for a mate.

When you go in for the treatment of woodworm you can ask the concerned person about the species to know about the treatment. It varies from species to species The common furniture beetle is the most common species of woodworm in the United Kingdom that has the scientific nomenclature of Anobium punctatum.

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