How Do I Get Rid Of Woodworm?


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Woodworm is an infestation of the larvae and beetle of certain wood boring insects like the common furniture beetle, weevil, bark borer beetle and house longhorn beetle among others.

Woodworm is more often found in damp and humid environments and are known to cause great damage to furniture and other wood items; antiques and items of historic value are at particular danger from woodworm.

Generally one can find woodworm rot in the form of darkish pin sized holes bored in the wood; woodworms are commonly found in crevices in furniture and hence are often difficult to get rid off as most insecticides and chemicals used cannot penetrate deep in the wood.

Also there are different pest control measures for different types of woodworm; most experts in this regard are known to use a water based solution of chemicals and inject in crevices and holes for best results. Extreme cold is known to be an effective remedy for woodworm in which the furniture items are kept in large refrigerated containers.

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How to get rid of woodworms
Like termites, woodworms are a wood boring insect that do a lot of damage to your home.  They are especially hard to detect when they first come into a home because the adults, Furniture Beetles, lay their eggs on wood and the larvae then bore into the wood and stay for three or more years.  They most often attack furniture, but can also get into your home structural support and can become a nuisance of you do not get rid of them as soon as possible.

Woodworms usually come into a home on used furniture.  The adult, however, can fly into a home, too.  They destroy the wood by hollowing it out form the inside.  There is special insecticide that you can get for woodworms..  It usually comes as a spray or is brushed on.  It should be applied thickly to the infected area so it will seep into the wood where the woodworms are living.  There is also a polish that you can buy to protect your furniture against woodworms.

To keep out adults you should make sure all doors and windows are sealed properly.  You can recognize a woodworm problem by the holes they leave when boring into the wood.

There are different types of woodworms.  The word 'woodworm' really refers to a host of wood boring insect larvae.  The particular woodworm here is from the Furniture beetle, but woodworms are also from moths, beetles and weevils.  Each type is treated differently, so you should try to identify which type it is.  This can be done by looking for the adult, which will usually be found near doors or windows.  They do not live inside and usually try to escape once they have laid their eggs.  Once you have found an adult you can identify the type of woodworm you have and can being treatment.
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Another thing that is being done today is that Furniture's are now being coated with Anti Woodworm chemicals and you can even find them at some of the online stores like

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