How And Why Do You Get Woodworm?


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Woodworm is a collective term for a species of insects that bore holes through wood. It is not a particular type of insect. The most common variety of woodworm is the common furniture beetle. The scientific nomenclature of the common furniture beetle is Anobium punctatum.

It is a species of wood boring beetle. In the larval stage, it lives in the cracks in wood and feeds upon it. It measures between 2.7 millimetres and four-and-a-half millimetres in length. The common furniture beetle has a body which is ellipsoidal in shape and brown in colour. Its pronotum bears a striking resemblance to the cowl of a monk.

An adult common furniture beetle does not feed on wood. The female adults of the species merely reproduce and lay their eggs in the holes and cracks in wood.

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