Where Can I Sell Glass For Recycling?


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Where you are able to sell glass for recycling purposes is obviously dependent to a point on where you live, with some areas being more prone to paying cash for recyclable materials than others. However, due to the acceleration of the so called 'Green Movement' in the last decade, inspired by increasing scientific information about climate change as well as high profile celebrity endorsement such as former Vice President Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth', people and governments are turning increasingly toward recycling. From your perspective this means that there is potentially money to be made by recycling your used glass. Assuming you are living in America it is worth noting that as of 2009 there are eleven States implementing what is known as the 'bottle bill'. This is a law which ensures that deposits are required on all glass beverage containers that are sold in the boundaries of that state, with the deposit usually being in the region of five per cent of the drink's price. This means that you the customer can bring your used beverages back to where you bought them and ask the retailer for the bottle's deposit. The states mentioned which are implementing the 'bottle bill' are: New York, Vermont, Oregon, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maine, Delaware, and Iowa. All you need to do is check the labels of your bottle for a symbol making reference to that state's participation in the scheme. For example, in California bottle which are eligible have 'CRV' printed on them, standing for 'California Redemption Value'. You must simply find your nearest retailer and take all your eligible empty bottles to them (though bottle deposits can only be refunded in the state the bottle was bought in). It is the law for retailers to give you refund on bottles deposits. The exact method of payment can vary store to store, with some larger super markets having their own recycling schemes, whilst other stores will simply give you a receipt for the money, or else pay you from a cash machine.  You can visit to find your nearest recycling centre online. Even if you do not live in a bottle bill state there will most likely be a recycling centre situated somewhere near you. You shpuld bear in mind however that not all of these recycling establishments will necessarily pay you for the glass you give them - they may just be offering a general recycling service - or if they do the amount they give you may be very low, or calculated by the pound in which case you should ensure that you are bringing a sufficiently large amount of glass for it to be worth your trip. With this in mind it's worth getting the recycling centre's phone number off their website (assuming they have one) or else a phone directory, and phoning the centre to make sure you'll actually be paid for the glass. Saving up your bottles will also mean you earn more per trip.
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I have a lot of plain glass which needs to be disposed, kindly advise
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Look in yellow pages in phone book-- under salvage or recycling

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