What Does Recycling Mean?


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Recycling is the method to make best use of any unwanted or unuseful thing.
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When I was competing in triathlon I cycled to Katoomba every Sunday morning. If I said it was only 1 km to Katoomba I'd be telling the truth, but that's the vertical distance. Along the road it's 40 km, or 25 miles. When I got there I'd recycle and, wheee, it was down hill all the way home.

Recycling is finding ways to re-use cast-off goods that we no longer need.

It may be
-- composting vegetable waste,
-- finding new ways to use worn out products, 
-- building an entire industry to refine used products,
-- buying clothing/furniture from a charity shop,
-- getting a pet from an animal shelter.

Those are only a few ideas. The possibilities are almost endless.

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Recycling means that to save the environment and make it a better place to live in.

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