What Do The Numbers In The Recycling Symbol Mean?


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The numbers in the recycle triangle are telling you what the container was made of. Here is a link to tell you the specifics as they are different than what someone else listed as an answer

Recycle numbers and what they mean

I am trying to understand what you are asking though. A bottle is not potable but the contents of the bottle can be. Potables definition is suitable for drinking. It may be that you are looking for a bottle that does not contain toxins that may be released into the beverage you would like to put in. That should be common sense as if the bottle held a beverage prior and you were able to cleanse it to hold your beverage then it is good. If you have no idea what was previously in the bottle, DO NOT USE IT AGAIN. It is the unknown that could get the best of you.
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The numbering system is based on the molecular makeup of the product.
#1 stands for Polyethylene terephthalate. They can be melted and drawn out into long fibers and recycled into carpets, fiberfill for yachts and fabric for T-shirts and shopping bags. #1 usually are soda bottles, some beer and liquor bottles, food bottles and trays. #1 is high-density polyethylene. Mostly milk and water jugs.
Colored #2 bottles such as shampoo or liquid detergent bottles are usually recycled din plastic lumber.
#3 is Vinyl or polyvinyl chloride and is used for clear food packaging and plumbing pipes.
#4 is Low-density polyethylene and is very flexible and is used for grocery items such as bags for bread or frozen food. Some of these bags can be recycled into new bags. Most items made of this material is usually thrown away in the landfills. #5 Polypropylene is made into containers for food such as yogurt, margarine.
#6 is Polystyrene which is made into compact disk jackets, plastic eating utensils and fast food take out containers. A version of this product is is also known Styrofoam for cups meat trays, egg cartons, packing "peanuts".
#7 Other....
Most recycling centers will only take recyclable #1 and #2. Companies that use plastics that arena's really recycled sometimes collect these plastics to make us feel like we are taking care of the planet is a good marketing tool. Hope this was helpful.
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The steps it takes to recycle. Going over & over again.
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The triangle means that the cycle it goes in showings you that you can use the same object more than once
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As long as the plastic containers are cleaned up .. And be sure that these containers are not used as toxic material containers ^^
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A Number 7 inside a triangle represents the symbol for BPA or Biphisphenal....well, er, you kno! Try to be BPA free - the dangers have recently been noted in Baby bottles and various other household items such as canned food with epoxy linings.  Hope this helps.

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