How Are Glass Bottles Made?


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The glass bottle process begins when raw supplies are received. These materials are then moved through a gravity feed method to a weightier and mixer there the materials are combined with recycled glass to make sure a uniform liquefying. The mixture is passed on to a feeder and poured into the boiler or furnace. The furnace is capable of making 90 and 360 tones of glass each day.

When the glass melts at 1500 C, it goes by the furnace and after that finally transferred to the refiner. In the refiner, the molten glass is heat-provisioned in order to transfer to the forming machines.

In the forming process, the glass is cut into segments, known as gobs and formed into various shapes. Once the glass is shaped into a bottle, it is passed to an oven for annealing, which eliminates unnecessary pressure regions in the glass. Then it is examined and ready for delivery to market.

If the bottle is damaged or defective then it is given back to the plant to be used as cullet and is reused in new glass bottle production.

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