Do You Know The Age Of Brown Clorox Bottle?


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The Clorox Company used many different glass bottles through the ages. Many of the bottles are now rare and collectible. Bottle collecting is becoming increasingly popular in the US and there is a trend towards the more abundant cheaper classic bottles. 
The company began in 1913 when five California entrepreneurs invested $100 apiece to set up America's first commercial-scale liquid bleach factory, which they located in Oakland, on the east side of San Francisco Bay. In 1914, they named their product Clorox bleach.

The bleach was originally sold in glass bottles of various shapes and sizes, many of these styles of glass and bottle shape are no longer used and as a result have become collectible antiques.

As a general rule, the older the bottle, the more valuable the bottle. But this is not always the case, some bottles are extremely rare and valuable, bottles with early screw tops are always desirable and collectible. Also, unusual glass colours and bottle shapes are more valuable. If the bottle still has a label on it, this will increase its value.

Many of the bottles will have a production year stamped on the bottom which helps to identify the age and possible value.

The brown Clorox bottles were most common in the 60s, but for a more accurate estimation visit the Clorox Company website which has an online resource showing the different bottles used through the ages, and entire guide to bottle collecting. If you can identify your bottle, it is possible to work out the approximate age of the bottle. Failing this, it may be worth going to an antique dealer, particularly one that deals in bottles.
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The last brown bottles I know of wer back in the 1960'S. I have found a lot of those on the property where I live and the are old. On some the date is on the bottom of the jug. I remember when I was a child and that is all that Clorox came in and it was sometime in the 60'S that I think they changed over to another bottle. It is worth keeping, may not be worth a fortune but it is old and may be worth something in the future.
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Yes Google "Clorox Bottle" And search I think it is!! I searched for the bottom of a bottle I found on the beach "Sea glass Really"!! And found out that it was dated 1929-30!! Was the only year they ever put there name on the bottom of the bottle in the diamond!!! Made it much easier to date thanks to that!!!
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Check with the clorox co. I found one once and they sent me a brochure on the history and time periods of their bottles. Mine was from the 1940's
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Go directly to the clorox site. They give the history of the bottle from the rubber cork top to the screw top amber bottles. We have one made in 1938. They aren't worth much at all due to so many made.

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