I Need A Glass Globe FOR Harbor Breeze #187541 Aero Ceiling Fan Where Can Ifind One?


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Matthew Crist answered
Ceiling fans were once the only way a householder could keep a room cool and ventilated in the hot summer months. Circulating air around the room these fans would be very much appreciated by those living in hot climes, particularly at night.

Now of course, air conditioning units have made these fans somewhat redundant, but as a decorative piece the ceiling fan is still popular, adding a nice focal point to a room.

Harbor ceiling fans are manufactured and sold by the Lowes company, renowned for their home furniture and accessories. Lowes have very much made their ceiling fan a must-have item for the home and it has proven to be a best seller. It would be my advice to contact the store where you purchased the fan from in the first place to see if they have any spare glass globes in stock. If the original store does not sell replacement parts then they may well be able to put you in touch with a supplier who does. The website for the main supplier is, this could contain some information regarding replacements for your fan.

Amazon also sell the Harbor Ceiling fan and may stock replacement globes. As a last resort, it might be worth checking your local hardware store. Hardware stores are often an Aladdin's Cave when it comes to parts and accessories and there is a chance they may have the glass globe you are looking for in stock.

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