How Can I Get A Manual For Harbor Breeze Fans. Need To Set The Dip Switches So On Remote Does Not Control All Fans In House.


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You should be able to get a harbor breeze fan manual replaced if you have lost the one that goes with your fans.

  • From Harbor Breeze directly
You will be able to get this from the harbour breeze website or by contacting them directly. Their contact details are all on the website and there is a section that you can use to contact them by email or phone.
  • Visit a store
If you find that you can not get hold of a manual this way, you could always try visiting the store you purchased the unit from. This store may be generous enough to give you a spare manual, they may have one from a broken or damaged fan that they cannot sell. They may even be able to photocopy or scan the manual for you if they do not have a spare. Stores always like to please their customers and encourage them to come back so they are usually generous when you do have a request like this. Electrical stores appreciate repeat custom, especially because the products that they sell are usually of high value.
  • Online forums
You could also have a look online at forums about the fans and see if there is any advice that someone has posted that will help you make the change to your fan system without having a manual.
  • Ask your friends
If either of these methods fail, you could always ask around and see if anyone has the same fan system as you do. They may be able to lend the manual to you while you resolve your issue.
  • Employ an engineer
You could also, if everything else fails, call a fan engineer who will be happy to fix your problem. This will, unlike the other methods, cost you.

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