Manual For Everstar Portable Air Conditioner Model No. MPN1-095CR-BB6?


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The owner's manual for the Everstar Portable Air Conditioner, Model No. MPN1-095CR-BB6 can be found online by simply searching for Everstar portable air conditioners. All the manuals to accompany the air conditioners are available in .pdf format. Once downloaded, the 20 page manual (in English and Spanish) is viewable on Adobe Reader and contains both a product registration card and a product warranty card.

The product registration card must be completed and returned to validate the warranty. The product warranty card contains a toll free number, which can be used to contact a customer service representative if needed. The contents page follows these product cards and is easy to follow with the following headings: Safety Precautions, Identification of Parts, Air Conditioner Features, Operating Instructions, Installation Instructions, Care and Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips.

The safety precautions include a handy list of instructions that need to be followed under the headings, "Always do this" and "Never do this". There are also a couple of safety warnings in this section. The next section contains a list and diagrams of the various parts of the system, together with the parts number, which can be used when ordering replacement parts. There is also a list of suggested tools required to assist in the installation of the product.

The section on air conditioner features, the largest in the manual, includes diagrams and instructions describing what some of the buttons do. The operating instructions show how to operate the system and the different modes that can be used, as well as a handy chart for ambient temperature.

The manual continues with the instructions on how to install the system in a variety of ways. The next two sections inform on how to maintain the system and its parts, and some handy tips on common problems with the system. The final two pages of the manual contain the details of the warranty and what you need to do should you require some service to the system.
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Everstar MPN1-095CR-BB6 User Manual & Remote Manuel:

For the Portable Air Conditioner Everstar MPN1-095CR-BB6 no Manual can be found online and many of you are looking for it. I scanned my manual and the remote control manual and combined them in PDF format. The zip file  contains both of them. To download go there:

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