What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need For A House 1800sq Feet?


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If you own a 1,800 sq ft house, then you can assume that either two or three-ton units should be sufficient for your house. Unless you live in somewhere as hot as the Arizona desert though! Generally you will need to provide more information about your home, but ultimately it’s a professional that will need to make the decision about what size unit you will need for your home.

For a house of this size, a relatively small unit will be required.

Still not persuaded about air conditioning, though? There are a huge amount of benefits associated with fitting an air conditioner in your home, which will prove to you that obtaining such a device is worthwhile.

Air conditioners can help you sleep easier. You are guaranteed a great night’s sleep during the hot summers in particular parts of the USA by having an air conditioning device that can regulate the temperature of the room. Instead of putting up with the hot weather, an air conditioning device will be able to make sure that the room temperature remains safe and comfortable.

Air conditioners can also filter the air in your home. They don’t just offer cooling and heating functions, but can also filter the air to remove pollens, dust and other allergens. This makes the air cleaner and safer for you and your family to breathe, and not only does purchasing a larger system than you need make you spend more than you need, but it also proves completely useless.
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3 ton
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You need exactly 3 tons

1,800 sq. Ft./3.0 tons (1,800/600)

If you have any other problems just visit your nearby air cooler dealers, they can help you to solve your problems.

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Deciding what kind of air conditioner is needed for a specific square of the house is not an easy task, because each brand and model of air conditioner indicates the square of the room, but is it really so. In order to be sure it is best to order a selection of equipment and complete installation in Inner West. This provider of air conditioning equipment has a lot of experience and will be able to advise on the real equipment for the required area of the room.

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Multiply your s.f. By the height of the ceiling and divide by 2. That's your BTU rating
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Call a professional air conditioner technician now, they know more exact information regarding your concern. You can have them from trusted sites like famousacandheat.

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