Do I Need To Use A Special Washing Powder And Fabric Conditioner For Baby Clothes?


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It is now widely reported that it is vital to not subject your baby to strong chemicals and colours through use of baby and household products. This includes the use of washing powder and fabric conditioners. The advice given by skincare professionals is to only bathe and wash your baby in gentle, non-chemical products. So for washing baby's clothes, use a non-biological washing powder - such as Fairy Non-Bio. Fabric conditioner is full of perfumes and chemicals and is really not necessary for cleaning baby's clothes at all. If you really want to use one though, try an eco-friendly product made from natural ingredients, such as Ecover. Remember that baby's skin in very thin and sensitive and needs to be treated carefully. Even products which claim they are "best for baby" are sometimes no more effective (and quite alarmingly full of harmful chemicals) than using just water.

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