What Takes A Red Licorice Set In Stain On A Fabric Couch The Green Way?


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Licorice is colored with a food  grade synthetic dye. There are several commercial dye removal products available to the carpet cleaning industry, but very few are available to the DYI market due to the training needed. All of them are green as they are peroxide products.  They must be activated after application to remove the dye. Most professionals will use heat, as with a steam iron. But on a sofa I would use UV light. Some professionals have a UV light activator but sunlight can be used weather permitting. It takes longer and may require several applications. This is not really a DIY project. I recommend you go to www.IICRC.ogr and look for a Master Cleaner in your area. If all you want done is the spot expect to pay about $100.00, but if you arrange to have other things like carpet and upholstery cleaned the stain will not cost much since they will already be there. I recommend you talk to the technician who will do the work before he/she comes out and ask if  have a UV light activator for red stain removal( 90% will not know what you are talking about) Also do not expect a guarantee from anyone. But hire someone who you can trust to do all that can be done.
I hope this helps.
Larry Conley Owner SnLco

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