Do They Make Fabric With Italian Chef Design On It For Windows?


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Putting up an 'Italian Chef' design to decorate your windows can be a great way to give a bistro or restaurant that authentic Italian theme, or it can even be used to cheer up your own kitchen at home. The stereotypical Italian chef is often portrayed as being a plump, jolly man wearing chef's whites and sporting a toque or chef hat. The popularity of this image is perhaps due to its implication of a jovial, hearty and authentic style of cooking, which is very much representative of the Italian culinary approach. 

"Fat Chefs" and "Italian Chefs"

Although you may be looking to use this fabric as part of an Italian theme, one suggestion that might give you a wider choice is to simply search for fabric that is described as 'fat chef' rather than 'Italian chef' as there seems to be little distinction between the two. This search will allow you to browse a larger number of useful options, without being limited to ones that have been specifically labeled Italian.

Consider using curtains or valances

A second useful tip would be to consider looking for purpose-made curtains or valances rather than fabric. Commercially prepared products are more likely to have specific designs printed on them, whilst lengths of specifically embroidered fabric may be hard to come by. Examples of commercially available products are this Italian fat chef window curtain set, whilst Amazon also have several chef print curtains and valances at reasonable prices.

Creating a custom fabric design

Alternatively, if you feel obtaining fabric is the best way forward, you could decide on a base fabric and then contact a supplier and request a custom print. An embroiderer might also be able to help you create and implement a unique design onto a length of material, or you could even look in your local art and craft store for image transfer paper or fabric paints and get creative yourself!

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Good evening June 29,2010
      I bought last week from Anna's Linens Fat Chef Valances for my kitchen
also they are cute as can be and very affordable.
I hope this helps.   Carol
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You could pick up the checks for a fabric!
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