How Do You Sew Slinky Fabric?


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Slinky fabric is a nice thing to work with and even better for wearing for any type of figure because it shows of the figure to an advantage. It is a fabric that does not wrinkle easily and moreover also gives a slimming effect. It is better to use threads made of polyester to sew slinky fabric. Zigzag stitches are the best kind of stitch for slinky fabrics.

Use a shorter type of zig zag stitches when dealing with the difficult areas like the neck, shoulders and the waistlines. Take precautions to ensure that the fabric is held in place during sewing with the help of tapes and pins. This is a material which has a tendency to shift and hence these things would be absolutely necessary. Use the slinky fabric to make loose garments and avoid using them for tight fitting outfits.

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