Does Anyone Know A Pattern To Sew A Sports Wrist Sweat Band And What Fabric Is Best?


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donna jackson answered
This couldn't be more simple and you don't need a pattern,
Just measure you wrist with a tape measure, and then write the measurement down.
Then go to a fabric store, stretch towelling is the best, or heavy track-suiting fabric with the nap on the underside.
You'll need half a metre to make a few.
Now measure out the size of your wrist and add on 5 cm for the seam. Double the width you want the band to be then cut it out, Hem the cut edges, and then fold the band in half with the seams together on the underside, and sew into a circle, tucking the edges ot the ends to the underside too.
There it is, you can also make it larger and double it over on your wrist and use it to tie your hair back too.

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