Where Can I Find A Wiring Diagram For A Central Air Conditioner?


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You can find wiring diagrams all across the internet, depending upon what brand unit you’ve got and other factors.

If you know the manufacturer of the air conditioning unit that you’ve got, then you can go directly to their website and download a wiring diagram in a PDF format so that you can hook it up correctly.  If you don’t know the manufacturer or are looking for a better diagram than what is provided to you, there are still several options.

There are some websites that have dedicated themselves to wiring diagrams.  Regardless of what you need the diagram for, you’ll be able to see a layout of exactly what it should look like and how to get everything wired properly so that you can start blowing cold air from your vents.

You can check the link below as one of many wiring diagrams you’ll find online:

Once you’ve located the wiring diagram that you are looking for, you’ll be ready to set up the unit.  Because of the details that are within the diagram, it’s important that you are able to print a large enough copy from the internet so that you can see where all the various wires go.

If you can, try and get your printer to print the diagram on multiple pages so that you can tape the diagram together and get a larger copy than what you would otherwise be stuck with.

If you can’t get it to print in multiple pages, bring the computer over to where you’re doing the install and zoom in as necessary.
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We're installing a new ac motor on the roof... How do the wires hook up to the capacitor?
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That is a difficult diagram to search for over the internet but not impossible.  But we try to provide it for you at our site. Here Air conditioner wiring diagram maybe it will help you.
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I have a haier air conditioner oreference plus series model number hwr08x__  the front plug was somehow jerked out of the air conditioner so now all I have is the plug and the air conditioner. I need  a wiring diagram showing  werte the plug goes inside. ! Wire goes to the ground I know but not sure of the other 2 wires. Thank you
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  This is a difficult diagram to search for over the internet but not impossible. You can go over to the official site of the company's air conditioner that you have and maybe check it out over there. There is another website that may provide you with this sort of information. For that you will have to go to the following link. Here they will provide you on all the wiring that needs to be done on an ac and you can check this site out.

  If you find this information inadequate you could find the diagrams over at air conditioning firms and engineering colleges. You could go to any of them and find out from the front desk. They always welcome people with queries. Engineering colleges are the best places to go hunting for wiring diagrams and if you know somebody in it even a student then your job will be done easier.
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Need schematics for a Payne unit 38ckc018 Am  a student and need to know where to find info to change a compressor as part of Final exam.
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There are many websites that will provide you with wiring diagrams so you can find wiring diagrams online. Just check this website to get one.

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