I Need A Wiring Diagram For A 30 Amp Ac Disconnect Box . Can You Help?


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• Rewiring your AC disconnect box can be a tricky job, so don't tackle the job unless you have a knowledge of the task in hand and have worked with electricity before. An AC disconnect box is sometimes referred to as an air conditioner switch box or fuse box, the terms are interchangeable.

• I have, however, managed to find a couple of examples on some helpful websites. I've posted the links below:
• The switch box houses the controls or the central power supply of an air conditioning unit. It will contain components such as fuses or circuit breakers. It also shields the wiring elements of the air con from the weather and other problems that may be found outside. As a rule air conditioning fuse boxes are located on the exterior of the house with the rest of the components inside. It is set up in this manner to allow the air con unit to release the hot air that is generated when in use straight outside. A switch box can be one of two models; either in a retractable, moveable form or one enclosed in a case. Most professionals prefer the second as it less susceptible to the ravages of the weather.

• Your air conditioning unit does a lot of work; not only keeping your house at a desirable temperature, but also cleansing the air in the process. Therefore you need to keep it in tip-top shape, servicing it regularly to increase longevity.

• However, as I mentioned earlier, it is always best to get a professional in when jobs require electrical expertise. You may think that you can save a few bucks by doing it yourself, but it could go very wrong and you may end up paying with your life.

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