How Do I Add An Additional Breaker Box?


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Physically just openning a prepunched circle on the main distribution panel box's outer enclosure. Placing a wire lock in that hole to secure the appropiate size of heavier copper connection supply cable (1 of 2 legs) in midspan between the new subpanel and the two separate bus bars in the existing panel. In the existing power panel you may have room for a double breaker to feed the new subpanel, relocation of an existing double 220 breaker to the new panel. Each section of the 220 volt 50 amp breaker, the same as the breaker for your clothes dryer, electric range etc. If not each of the separate 110 volt feeder cables will have to be bolted to the bus bar frame near or at the main disconnect/main breaker usually 100/150/200 ampheres total. Be careful to connect to the each side of the incoming two power cables between the main panel and the outside meter box.
It can be done with proper understanding and connectors...but with the main power disconnected by pulling the meter...which has to be done with the Power Company's permission or be subject to a fine. You should be talking with a electric supply counter person on what size your existing main breaker is...or the best & lasting solution maybe to upsize to a larger Main Distribution Panel. Good luck it can be done in fair weather and a generator being alongside....but with a clear understanding of the process or camping out on the lawn will be the downside till you lastiest home project is installed completely.

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