How To Wire A Dryer To Breaker Box?


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Go to Home Depot and purchase a 2 gang device box(plastic), Orange 10-3 w/ground wire, a 220 30a 4 wire receptacle and outlet plate, a 2 pole 30A circuit breaker for use with your breaker box, 1 2 screw 3/8 romex connector. #100 romex staples for each 4'6" of wire and 2 extras to use at the device box(within 12"" and the panel box the same)

Split the distance of the wire pull in half and pull the wire in each direction from the center point. To the panel box and the dryer outlet box.

Use the nails in the 2 gang box to affix the box to the studs in the wall and insert 6 1/2" of the 10-3 into the box via the clamped romex opening. Remove the sheathing, leaving 1/4-1/2" where the wire enters the box.

Strip each of the 3 coated wires 1/2" at the ends and insert them into the 4 wire outlet as follows BLACK=X,WHITE=W,RED=Y,and BARE=GR. Tighten them down. Roll the wires into the box being careful that the BARE wire is pushed back enough not to come in contact with the screws or any exposed parts of the wires you striped.

Screw the outlet into the box using the 4 screws included with the outlet, the round hole in the outlet should be down or the writing should be face up.

Place the outlet cover on the outlet

Knock out a small pre-punched whole

Remove the nut from the 3/8 romex connector and from the outside of the box,lace the connector through the hole in the panel and tighten the locknut on the inside of the panel.

Loosen the two screws on the connector and lace three feet of the 10-3 into the panel via the connector. Now tighten down the 2 screws on the romex connector

Remove the orange sheathing from the 10-3 except for the 1/2" at the connector

Untwist the 4 conductors from each other

Take note of the way the wires are laid out in the panel...Are the whites and the green / bares landed on the same "BAR"?

If the above is the case....follow the previous installers pattern.....Take note if they are on separate bars IE ALL WHITES ON ONE BAR and ALL BARES ON ANOTHER

*****EACH 10 wire will have its own terminal screw****

Investigate the panel....Is there a main breaker that kills the entire panel? If the answer is YES then you can place the 30 amp breaker in any location on the buss bars. Then hook black to one breaker screw and red to the other.

*****If the panel has multiple MAIN breakers then the dryer breaker will also be a main breaker and should go in the Main section of the panel.
******The code requires a maximum of 6 main breakers, to satisfy that the dryer shall be 1 of 6, or be located in the LIGHTING section of the panel(usually controlled by a 60AMP main breaker from the MAIN section of the panel.

!This style of the panel can not be de energized in the main section!
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I work for and we do small wind turbine installations for farms and residences. This is a really good answer with regard to wiring a 220 circuit in the home whether for a dryer or other use. The tutorial makes great sense for materials needed etc. Nice Job.
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You will need the proper size two pole breaker. You will need the proper size wire. Look at the tag on the dryer and look for the amperage or current draw. You can size everything up from that. Chances are it will need a 30 amp breaker and 10/3 wire with a ground. In this 10/3 wire you will have a red, black, white, and a bare or green wire. Mount your plug and wire it up first. Then in your breaker box pur the white wire on the neutral bus, the ground on the ground bus, then take your red wire and put it on one side of your breaker then the black on the other side of the breaker. Snap the breaker in place and put everything back together. If you are not sure how to do this you need to call a electrician. 30 amp load on a 220 volt circuit can make a mess.

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