When Wiring A 4prong From A 3 Prong To A Maytag Dryer What Colors Go Together?


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I have had to do this twice now on my old maytag; moving into a newer apartment and then into a house built in the late 80's. On mine I have the black and yellow wires on top, a white in the middle with a grounding strap,and a blue wire on the bottom. I removed the three prong cord and stashed it for any future moves. I unscrewed the metal strap from the dryer frame, folded it in half, and put it back under the white wires, in case it was ever needed again. Then, with the new cord, I placed the black wire onto the gold post that has the yellow and black wires running to it from the dryer. I placed the white wire onto the silver, neutral post that also has the white wires from the dryer. Then I placed the red wire onto the last gold post that has the blue wire from the unit. The last wire on the new connection, a green grounding wire, was placed onto a screw on the back of the dryer where it was imprinted with the words "grounding screw". I put the panel back on, switched off the breaker,plugged the unit into the outlet, switched the breaker back on, and started the unit. I am not an electrician, just a single mom making things work!~

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