I Need A Diagram For Wiring A Bedroom With 8 Outlets And 3 Lights And 3 Switches. Do You Have Any Instructions On How To Come Off The Outlets And Go Into The Light Switches?


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The simplest method is to run power to the outlet, then a second wire from the outlet to the switch.  Outlets in these installations are usually hooked up so that one half of the duplex outlet is always hot and the other half is controlled by the switch (so you can control a lamp with the switch but also always have a place to plug in without worrying about the switch.
This can be done by hooking the incoming hot wire to the bottom brass screw and at the same time hook the black wire that goes to the switch on the same screw or use holes in back.  Hook the white wire (that goes to switch) to the other brass screw (same side of outlet --the screws are about 3/4 inch apart).  NOW, breakout the tab between the two screws on the brass side where you just hooked the wire.  This isolates one-half of the outlet from the other.  If you want to have the top half always hot, put the first two wires described above on the top screw and the white switch white not incoming power white) on the bottom screw--and breakout tab.
I am assuming this is what you were looking for.  If not send in another question with more detail and we will take a look at it.  Turn off power before attempting any connections to existing wiring.

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