How Do I Hook Up The Wires To A Single Pole Switch With A Receptacle? I Want The Receptacle Outlet Live At All Times. I Have 2 White Wires And 1 Black.


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I have to do a lot of assuming here.  I assume that the black wire is always hot (feed from panel), that one white wire is a neutral and the other white wire goes to a light to whatever the switch controls.
If I am right, the black wire goes on one of the brass colored screws on the outlet, then you need a black jumper (same size) from the second brass screw on the outlet to one of the switch screws.
Now, you need to determine which white is the neutral.  You need a simple voltage tester.  Put one probe on the black (hot) screw you just hooked to the switch and the other probe to one of the white wires.  When your tester shows 110 volts, that is the neutral.  Test the other white wire to verify it is not another neutral.  Hook the non-neutral (no voltage with hot) white to the other screw on the seitch.
Hook the neutral to one of the silver colored screws on the outlet.
Hook grounds up on switch and outlet.
I cannot guarantee this hookup.  There are numerous right and wrong ways to do wiring to accomplish the same thing.  I don't know what the original electrician may have done.  TURN OFF POWER BEFORE WORKING AND DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING WHEN THE CURRENT IS FIRST RE-ENERGIZED
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Good call i wood agree if anything when it comes to that s...t u really got 2 proceed with caution > I've done sum of that same wiring myself >thank god i have learned a trick or 2 from an electrician friend but i would say id rather thy do it lo lol ....and then hopefully after not calling 911 lol lol

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