How To Install A Single Pole, Single Through Mechanical Time Switch. Is LINE Wire A White Or Black Wire In Domestic Wiring ?


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Line should be black as should Load.  Line comes from the source.  Load to the device being controlled by the timer.  There should be a white (neutral) connection (most likely) for completion of power to the clock.
I am guessing without seeing how the timer is designed and how you are tapping into the circuit.  The power (hot) for the timer could be made internally from the line connection or may need a separate pigtail from the line and of course the power has to come from the line, not the load side so the clock operates continuously. 
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I have a me chnical time switch to install in place of a photocell I have a red wire a white wire and a black wire. I need to know what wires go the the prongs on the switch box. The meter has 240volts of course and the box has a timer slot a NC. Slot a NO slot and a COM slot can you tell me where the wires should go.

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