How To Wire A New Two 2-pole Switches?


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If you're trying to set up "3 way switches", here's how two switches control one light, just follow the current flow:

A s pole 1______ B w pole 1

hot wire______A sw com
B sw com______ (light) ______ neutral

A sw pole 2______ B sw pole 2

If you follow the current, the "A" switch can divert current onto the top wire, or the bottom.  The "B" switch can receive current on the top wire or the bottom.  No matter where one switch is at, the other switch can either go to wire with current (turn on the light) or the wire without current (turn off).

So as long as you still have your old switches connected, you don't have to trace out your wires.  Just move the wire from the com on the old switch to the com on the new switch, and the other two wires to the poles.

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You have 2  3way switches, not 2   2 poles (no such thing as 2 pole in home wiring).  As nic7320 says, one screw on each switch is a pivot point--that is it connects to one of the other screws when in one position and when switched it connects with the other screw.  You can find those common (pivot) screws with a continuity tester.  Once you have found it, it should be connected tot he power in at one switch and to the wire going to the load at the other.
Wiring diagram with switch should help if no tester.
One you have the power in connected and the power to the light connected from the other switch, you just have two travelers that go from switch to switch only.  Hook them up, try the switch (start at one switch-turn on, go to their switch-turn off, then on, then back to first -ff several cycles to make certain.
If fails, move travelers on one switch only.  Try again.
If no success, you havent identified hot coming in and power wire to light and/or haven't identified the common (pivot) screw.

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