How Do I Wire Two Switches With One Power Source To Light And Exhaust Fan?


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Rev. Dr. Charles Rogers Profile
If you bring the power into the box for the switches, you will want to cut some wire (7" minimum) to use as taps for the switches. You need to strip all conductors in preparation of tapping together. Tap the circuit neutrals to the fan and light using wire nuts, and wrap in place for added security. Next, tap the power conductor with the taps to connect to the switches using a wire nut and tape, then connect one tap each to each switch.
Finally connect each power conductor for the light and fan to each switch (this is the switch "leg" which controls each device.)
If the conductors are connected to the fan and light fixture wires and everything is closed up, and switches are in place and cover plate is installed, turn on the circuit breaker and you should be ready to go.

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