How Do I Wire A Exhaust Fan And Light On Separate Switches?


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I don't know what your present situation is but if you have one always hot wire for two switches, make up two short jumpers (some say pigtails) long enough to reach from the hot to the switch. Splice the hot and two jumpers with a wire nut and hook the other ends of the hots one to each switch.
The other screw on each switch will connect to the wire that goes to the fan and from the other switch to the light.
Turn off power first and use the same size wire for the jumpers as the existing wire.
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Under a wire nut and run a long jumper wire from this to the ground screw on both switches. Now take the black wire carrying power to the switches and connect it to one of the screws on one switch and then jump over to the other switch, connect to either screw does not matter. You now have two wires left coming from the fan/light that are not connected. Take the red wire and connect to one switch and the black wire to the other switch. (continued)
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At the fan/light connect the red wire to the light (red or blue) and the black wire to the black wire. Connect the white to the white, and green ground to copper ground.
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You will have open up the fixture and disconnect the wires of the fan (sometimes its a plugged into the light fixture). You will then need to bring up a new line from a switch to the fan wires. If the fan wires has a plug, cut it off and splice the wires with the new line from the new switch. The other option is to install a pull cord at the fixture between the light or the fan, depending which one you want to control with the pull cord.

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