How To Wire Dual Light Switches?


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I can only answer this question if it is a new installation (otherwise there are way to many possible scenarios). Bring your home run (power source romex) into one end of the box and bring your other two cables into the opposite end (perhaps there is only one other cable if you are using a 14-3 romex). Twist two more black wires together onto the end of the black home run power wire so that you have essentially split it into two hot leads. Put a wire nut onto where these leads were joined. Now connect all the bare ground wires together and put a wire nut on them and do the same with all the white neutral wires. Finally, wrap one black wire around one screw of each switch and tighten down (do be consistent about which screw you use top or bottom to avoid future confusion). Do not worry about which screw you use on a light switch (so long as it is not the green ground screw) because all you are doing is making and breaking the hot wire. This does not hold true for a receptacle, it does matter which screws you connect to in that case. At last, connect the two remaining wires going to the exhaust fans black or red (one to each screw) to the two remaining screws of the light switch. One thing I forgot to mention; attach one length of bare ground wire to each switch (under the green screw) and twist these under the wire nut containing the other bare ground wires.

Hope this helps.

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How do I make two separate light switch that are in the same room to one light switch, to turn on the two lights?
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Dual switch installation-I removed a bad dimmer and I switch to a dual switch,one for outside light and one to run a ceiling fan
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If you want both lights to have separate switches, the wire the hot to both switches and the other side of each switch to each light.

  ____/ _____(light1)___
______|   |______neutral
Hot   |___/ _____(light2)____|

If you're not sure about what you're doing, you should have it done by a qualified electrician.

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