How Can I Wire A 4-way Switch To A Light?


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4-way switches or circuits are also very common in every body's homes usually used to control and operate a light from two or more locations. The logic and method of a 4-way switch is somewhere similar to a 3-way switch and if you understand the 3-way switch logic, then understanding the 4-way switch is not difficult.

First of all you need to know what a 4-way switch is made up of. Usually a 4-way switch or circuit comprises of four terminals so you should always be careful when purchasing a 4-way switch. Do not make the mistake of purchasing a two pole switch thinking it is a 4-way switch.

The four terminals existing in the 4-way switch are always marked with two "In" and two "out". These four terminals either come through straight towards each other or they cross each other in the switch. In order to have three locations or switches controlling a specific light, you will need to insert more 4-way switches in between the two 3-way switches.

For further information you may ask for a professional electrician's assistance or you may even search online for all the guidelines by professional electricians. You will also find all kinds of diagrams of the switches and wires which will be explained in detail for your ease and you will be able to follow them.

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