What Is The Common Wire On A Light Switch?


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The common wire is located on a 3-way switch. If you have one then you can find it on either the hot wire or the switch leg. This is the wire running directly to the actual fixture, whether it be a light or a lamp or any other type of electrical switch for an appliance.

As far as the content of the remaining wires are concerned, they are described as travellers and are the wires that connect the switches together; these should be enclosed tightly and insulated accordingly.

If you need to wire your property then, unless you are an experienced electrician it is essential you call in the services of electrician professional in order to do the handy work. They will be able to know where the common wires are, what their usage and function is and how to handle them in a safe and controlled manner.

It is unadvisable to touch anything that you are unsure about as this could spell danger. For example, if you want to move light fittings, or you need your lounge completely rewired, this is a bigger job that needs the work of an electrician who will be able to move the electrics in a calm and safe manner. If you need outdoor security lights, again this needs careful work regarding your wiring system and has to involve your fuse box.

Above all, the common wire on a switch should only be inspected by a qualified electrician as you could cause yourself damage or even worse an electric shock which may cause you injury.
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The white wire of a light switch is connected to all white wires. One side of the black wire is connected to one side of the switch and to all black wires. The other side of the switch is connected to a black wire that goes to the light. The other side of the light goes to a white wire that is connected to all white wires. This puts a switch in series with the light bulb and all light bulb/ switch combinations in parallel with the power source. One switch will not turn out all lights in this configuration.
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The common is usually a wire used on a 3-way switch, in this situation it would be either the hot wire or the switch leg (meaning the wire that runs to the fixture). The other wires for a three way are called the travelers and are the wires that connect the switches together. In an ideal situation these wires will be wrapped in the same insulation. Look in the box where the wire enters to see if this is so.

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