Can I Wire A Light From The Plug With A Switch?


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Sounds like you hooked the neutral into the switch somewhere along the line.
The wire from the out let to the light:  The white wire gets spliced and no at to switch.  The incoming black hooks to one switch screw and the outgoing black hooks to the other screw on the switch. Black and white go to light.
Also, make sure the bare grounds are not touching the switch attachment screws when the switch or light are put into the boxes.
Going from the outlet to the light then to the switch won't really help.  Blown fuses are most frequently caused by shorts such as black and white on switch or hot to ground mistakenly.
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It sounds like you have connected the power and ground from the outlet to the switch.  When you close the switch, it creates a short circuit.  It is hard to tell from your explanation.

It seems impossible to me to tell you how to safely install a new light by using Blurtit.  There is a lot to know.
  Maybe you should ask someone to show you how to do this in person.  I like learning by books and the web, but this forum isn't adequate.

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