How Can I Add A Light Switch And Light From An Outlet?


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Arthur Wright answered
Pull a 3 wire from outlet to switch box and another up to the light. At switch box, connect white together and cap off and copper wires together and cap off, The two remaining blacks go to your switch with the one from the outlet to bottom screw and the other the top and install switch. At the light box just color code the same color wires together and cap off and install light
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Larry Patterson answered
First, check to determine if the outlet is partially or fully controlled by a switch. If totally controlled by a switch, this outlet is not a suitable source of power for the new light. If just half of the outlet is controlled by a switch, connect the black (hot) to the always hot black wire that feeds the outlet, neutral to neutral, ground to ground and run wire of the same size as the existing to the new light location or the new switch location, whichever is more convenient.
The extended power can go thru the new switch or directly to the light, with a 2 conductor w/ground then feeding back to the new switch. Consider how you will run the wire from the switch to the light and from the ex. Outlet to the light or switch. This may affect your decision on the easiest way of completing the wiring.
If the existing outlet is at normal switch height, you may be able to install a large box to hold both the outlet and the switch.

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