How Do I Change A Light Switch To An Outlet And Switch As One?


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It depends on how it was originally wired because there is more than one way to wire a switch.
You need to determine first if there is a neutral (usually white0 wire in that switch box.  You can tell somewhat just by looking, but you need to test to verify.
Remove the switch cover.  If there are just the two wires connected to the switch and no other wires in the box, there is no neutral (even though one of the wires coming to the switch screw is white).
If there are other wires, you may or may not have a neutral but chances are good.
If there is no neutral, you are going to have to run a circuit to the switch box which may or may not be feasible.  Would be easier to put an outlet near the floor which is a better location for an outlet?  Is there an outlet in the wall on the other side from the switch?  It is very easy to add an outlet if there is.
If you have a neutral in the switch box, buy a combo switch outlet and connect to the hot before it goes to the switch and a neutral and ground and you will be in good shape.  The combo device should have a wiring diagram included with it. TURN OFF POWER before working in box.

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