I Have A Switch Loop Circuit, At The Switch I Have Two Black Wires. Is It Possible To Run Power From The Switch To An Outlet? If So How Do I Do It?


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Larry Patterson answered
If it is just a switch leg (loop) and the feed for the light doesn't go through the switch box--no. You have no neutral.
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You can do this if you have the power coming into you switch box (black - power, white - neutral, and ground). The only problem that you may face is space limitations in the box. I can nearly assure you that the switch boxes that they install in residential dwellings are not large enough to make multiple taps in them.
If you do try, the best thing for you to do is tap (connect) the incoming power conductors together with the new conductors for the outlet, along with a short wire (abt. 7" long) to connect to the existing switch.
So you would have 3-white (neutrals) tapped together, 3-black (hot) tapped together, and the grounds connected together.
If the outlet is installed in the bathroom be sure to use a GFCI outlet.

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