I Have A Light Switch With 3 Black Wires That Needs Replacing. It Is Not A 3-way. How Do I Wire It Properly?


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Here is a quick guide to replacing a domestic one-way light switch. Before proceeding with any electrical work you must first contact your Building Control department at your local council.What you’ll need…Voltage testerScrewdriversOne way plat eswitchGreen/yellow earth sleevingRed PVC electrical sleevingHow you do it…Replacing or updating a light switch is quite a simple task. Be prepared to take notes on how the old light switch is wired before the replacement takes place. Also, keep hold of the original screws as you may need them again.1. Cut the power from the circuit by removing the correct fuse from your mains. Pocket the fuse to ensure nobody replaces it by mistake while you’re working on it. Confirm that the circuit is not live by using a voltage tester on the light. Once you are sure the circuit is dead, unscrew the switch faceplate and pull it forward so that you can see the connections behind. 2. Draw a diagram showing the number and colour of wires connected to each terminal and then release the terminal screws and pull the cores from the terminals. If the earth core is properly insulated (in green/yellow sleeving and connected to the mounting box), leave it attached.3. Connect the cores to the correct terminals of the new switch. You will then need to tighten the screws over the connectors to ensure they are clamping the cable cores firmly. If there isn’t one already, fit a length of red PVC sleeving over the black core to indicate that it can be live.4. Run a length of green/yellow PVC sleeving over the bare earth core of the switch drop cable. You can then reconnect it to the earthing terminal of the mounting box.5. Screw on the new faceplate after ensuring that all of the connections are secure.Visit: Electricians in UK

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