When Installing A Ceiling Fan, What Wire Does The Red Wire Attach To?


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It depends on where the red wire is located. It is best to refer to your instruction manual for clearer and more concise information. In addition, you must also consider how the fan is connected up to the electrical system in your home as this may also affect how the wires are installed. Failing that, you could always get an electrician to have a look at it.

In general though the following rules will apply when installing a ceiling fan:

•The red wire will be attached to the blue wire
•White wires will be attached to other white wires
•In the same way, black wires will be attached to other black wires
•Green or bar colored wires will be attached to copper or ground wires

This is just a general guide though and each fan appliance may vary from one manufacturer model to another, so it is always best to check the electrics before trying to do any work yourself. Take extra care and caution if you have never done anything like this before as it may not always be as easy as it looks.

If the fan is connected to a switch on the wall, the wire could be described as a hot wire. This means it could be connected up to a black wire to allow the circuit to be completed and for the fan to function properly.
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I have seen this question a lot, but no one ever answers this in a straightforward way in any of the help forums.  In my case, the black and the red wires each represents a wall switch.  One switch controls the fan and one controls the light kit.  In my case, I connected black to black and this meant that one wall switch turned the fan off and on.  I connected the red wire to the blue wire from my fan kit (labeled as the light kit wire).  This meant that the other wall switch turned my light kit off and on, independent of the fan being off or on.
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Just took one fan off the ceiling (with light kit) and installed a new fan with light kit.. I have two wall switches, one for the light kit and one for the fan. One switch on the wall has a red wire involved and that switch controlled the light on the old fan, so I connected the red ceiling wire to the one labeled "light kit" in my color scheme. It was like this: Black to black, white to white, green(ground) to green(ground) and red to a single blue/black combo colored wire (labelled "light kit").
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As Eclipsed explained, often you have a red/black/white/ bare cable running from a pair of switches. If the new fan has a remote, you don't need the one switch and red wire. Just cap it off with a wire nut, and leave the switch it connects to off.
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In a ceiling fan:

Green/bar to plain/copper ground wire
Black to Black
White to White
Red to Blue

Red and Black are BOTH HOT!! This means the fan will work if installed either way, but it might not work on the wall switch. If installing a light where a fan used to be, you should use the Red wire (Red is usually on the switch) and just cap the black wire. Depending on how the switches are run in your house, Both black to black and red to black may allow your wall switch to control the light (given that you are only installing a light and not a fan).
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My celing fan has green, blue, black, white wire. My outlet box has green, blue, black, white and red. What do I do with the red?
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The red wire is one of the "hot" wires, whether it hooks up to the fan or the light depends on what wall switches you're using and how they are wired. If at the wall, the red wire is hooked up to a fan speed control, (rheostat), hook it up to the fan, if it's hooked up to a dimmer switch at the wall, hook it up to the light.
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I only have 2 black wires (conected to each other in the ceiling and a red one,I know the blk goe to the black,but what about the red from the ceiling and the blue and white from the fan?Please help.Lori
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Why even bother asking!   No one   I see here ever answers the question without asking a bunch of questions you don't know the answers to.   If you knew the answers you wouldn't have asked the question in the first place.   It's crazy.
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Installing a ceiling fan come with light kit but am not using it. Should I just wire nut the blue wire and leave it since there will be no lights?
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"My celing fan has green, blue, black, white wire. My outlet box has
green, blue, black, white and red. What do I do with the red?" Have the similar question... Keep monitoring

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We are installing a new fan in a room that previously had a fan.  The instructions do not mention a red wire, but there is a black, white and red wire coming out of the box in the ceiling.  We have two wall switches that operate the fan and light.  Does the red wire connect to the blue wire in the fan/light kit?
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Is the red wire the wire that is in your ceiling or on the fan? If it is in your ceiling then I have to ask, is that box in your ceiling controlled by a 3 way switch? If it is in your ceiling and the box in your ceiling is not controlled by a 3 way switch then Was there s ceiling fan up there before? If so was there 2 separate switched for it, 1 for the light and the other for the fan? You will need to find out those answers before anyone can help you out using this forum. I will be watching this post to see your reply and what you found out. I will be more than glad to help. I don't want to guess at what you have and tell you to do it one way and it not work and your house burns down. Have a great one.
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It sends the red wire is the ground wire. Does your unit have 3 wires as well? It's usually, black to black, white to white and the ground wire is the odd color.

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