Ceiling Fan W/remote Will Only Work When Black From Fan Is Connected To Both The Black & Red From Ceiling. Is This Unsafe?


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Thanks for your help.
To clarify, it is a brand new fan/light/remote combo.  The remote came with the fan as purchased. 
The manufacture's diagram for wiring the remote to the ceiling box shows only a white, black, and green wire.  My home's ceiling box also has a red.  In researching online, it seems like this is typical in newer homes where they are wiring for ceiling fan installations during building. 
My understanding is that the intention is that it allows you to install a fan/light combo (with no remote) and operate that light from the wall switch (via the red wire which is connected to the switch) and the fan via with the pull chain (via the black wire which is not connected to the switch but always "hot").  Resulting in the ability to have the fan on without the light and the light without the fan.  Typically, it seems like when you install a fan/light combo with a remote and have the red wire, you just put a screw cap on the red wire and leave unconnected to anything.  However, ours will only work if the red and black (from the ceiling) are connected to the black coming from the remote/fan assembly.
Any ideas?
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I understand you being puzzled, and would have to add that it is hard to determine what a viable solution is without actually seeing what you have.
I did some research and will include here what I found in regards to the remote receiver.
The receiver, which receives the signals from the transmitter to control the fan/light operations, is installed in the fan canopy. Using twist-on wire connectors supplied with the controls, follow the manufacturer's simple wiring diagram to wire the unit. Connect one pair of receiver wires (one black and one white) to the two wires coming from the switch, and connect the other three receiver wires (red, black, and white) to three corresponding wires coming from the fan/light. Complete canopy and fan installation.
My questions/suggestions are:
1. Does you Fan / Light unit have the same wires as indicated in the instructions?
2. Do you currently have black and white connected to the fan?
3. Is the fan / light new or is it an older model? If this is an existing unit, have you verfied that it is capable of being operated with  a remote?
If your fan / light is remote capable, and you find that everything else is as the installation instructions above, then you need to contact the manufacturer and see if there may be something special that is applicable to the model you have.
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I'm installing a ceiling fan fixture and there is a Black ,White Green and a Blue what , the blue wire for.  After I connected everything and turned the power back on the lights or the fan wouldn't come on
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I just put up a remote control ceiling fan with the same wiring. I capped the black one. Everything seems to be working fine. I hope this is okay. So far no problems.

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