How Can I Wire A Basic On/off Switch To A Light?


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Wiring switch lights can be very easy and a person can do it at his home himself even but with proper safety measures and guidance. In order to wire a basic on/off switch to light following steps may be taken:

The device box and the bar wire, which is also known as ground, is to be connected first and it should be one inch away from the screw of the ground. The black wire should then be connected to the screw of the switch and the white wire, which is also known as hot, is connected to the other screw.

From the light box usually come two conductor number fourteen cables towards the switch box. The fourteen number wires is the most common one which is usually all around the house. Connect the switch's black wire to the black wire of the light in the light box and connect the white wire of the switch to the black conductor that is situated in the breaker. Some times your wire from the breaker enters from the switch box instead of the light box.

Connect the bar wire as before and join the two white wire under a single marret, followed by the connection of the black wire from the incoming power to the switch's side. Then connect the black wire which is coming from the cable going to the light is connected to the switch's other end.

The bar wire should then be connected with the light box and put each one under a bar wire screw. Then connect the switch cable's white wire to the light fixture's silver screw and the switch cable's black wire to the light fixture's brass screw.

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