If I'm Wiring A Double Switch What Is The Right Wiring?


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THREE WAY SWITCHES WITH A 4WAY DIAGRAM AT BOTTOM OF PAGESingle pole switches are oriented a certain way. The single pole switch breaks the ungrounded conductor. The power in goes on one of the brass screws while the wire leading to the light goes on the other brass screw, and the ground conductor goes on the green screw. With Then with the switch installed with the "Top" marking is on the top it will both function with the switch up and actually read "on" instead of "NO"

   With a three way switch there is no "ON" mark and the "top" marking is only relevant to the code that reads


The BLACK SCREW is the common terminal (either the power or the Light trigger) attaches to that screw

There are two brass screws for the travelers

One for each

Then a green screw for the ground

A 4 Way switch has 4 brass traveler screws and one green grounding screw

On the back of the 4 way switch the "INPUT" is marked with the word "INPUT" and two arrows pointing to the two screws intended to be used for each input.

I have watched dozens of people connect these wrong. Apprentices and Journeymen alike.

Where it indicates input on a LEVITON 4 way toggle switch, the two travelers leaving or entering the sheathing attaches to both of the (individually marked) input sTOP OR BOTTOM. Then the other inputs(TOP OR BOTTOM) is for the other pair of travelers (entering or leaving ) the opposite three wire.

For a decora style switch the inputs are still marked with arrows but are arranged side to side.

I actually just drew up a diagram on paint program and published it on my web site. I hope it helps as your question was not very precise. You can always ask more from the free help section on my home page.

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