How To Convert A Pull Switch Light To A Wall Switch?


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If it is a pull switch now, it has constant power at the box on the ceiling/wall. You will need to tap a switch leg down to the wall switch. The code requires wire on the wall to be protected from physical harm. Therefore you will need to use WIRE MOLD to reach from the light box to the wall location. Use 14-2 or 12-2(depending on amperage)

Tap the black into the power wire in your light box and connect the white of the 2 wire to the brass screw or black wire of the light. Connect the silver screw or white wire to the original whites in the box.

At the switch location the ground wire will connect to the green screw

The black will go on one of the BRASS screws of the switch while the white wire shall be recolored black with a permanent marker and connected to the remaining BRASS Screw.

In essence the power from the light box travels down the black wire or the "loop" you have created. If the switch is off....the power is halted at that location......Yet when you turn on the switch it will allow the power to continue on to the light(via the white recolored wire....through the bulb.....and back to the power company on the white wires in the light box.
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I need a bathroom and bedroom light . But I have no light switch and no attic or crawl spaCE TO ACCESS THE WIRES

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