How Many Styles And Types Of Ceiling Fans Are There?


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Well, you have asked a question regarding the different styles and types of ceiling fans. In fact the old types in which turbine were used is out of order nowadays and it is no more in use. While the later developed ceiling fan in which the electric motor has been used is in use all over the world.

The later development in ceiling fan has also modified in many forms to introduce new improvements in the ceiling fans.To name a few, there are some really famous styles of ceiling fans and I'm giving the name of the most famous styles of ceiling fans here. These are "Cast-iron ceiling fan", "Stack-motor ceiling fan" and "Direct-Drive ceiling fan". As apparent from their name they perform the functions according to their names. The first type performs by using a very heavy duty oil-bath motor which causes to increase the consumption of energy.

The second type is almost same as the first with a slight difference. That is using a stack-motor which is specially designed to use in the ceiling fans and it uses low energy comparatively. The last style is different from both of the above the use the cheapest motors and that's why they don't give a very good quality of fans. They also cause the more noise as compared to others. There are some other styles also available but they all can't be explained here. I hope this information is enough for you.

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