How Do I Hook Up One Double Light Switch To Control Two Separate Lights With One Power (14/2) Line Feeding Into The Box?


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If the switches are new there are usually directions in the box. On a two way switch you have a black screw and two gold screws. The black screws are your commons. You will need a 3 conductor wire going from one light switch to the other switch. Usually the power is fed from the box the light fixture is mounted to and a switch leg is brought down to the switch. Anyway to try and put this as easy as possible, the black screw on one switch will get a hot wire. The black screw on the other switch will go to your light. The other two screws on your switch are there to transfer power from on side of your switch to the other side of your switch. Here is a web site where you might find a diagram of what I am talking about and how you may be able to get this done. It is hard to explain it without knowing what you have existing already and not being able to draw it out for you in this forum.

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