How Do You Wire One Switch To A Light Then Take The Power To The Second And Third Switch Without Having Them All Controlling Each Another?


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You can run the power to the lights, and make a switch loop to each switch or you can run the power to one switch, then to the next, and to the third. Then run one 2 conductor cable to each light.
As long as you tap into the hot wire (not the one that goes to the light from the switch) they will work independently.
Similarly, if you run the power to the lights first, you will have one black wire coming in to the light j-box, which you will splice with the black that goes to the switch and with a black going to the next light.  The white coming up from the switch will hook to one screw on the light fixture along with the neutral white coming in goes on the second screw on the fixture.
To summarize, at each switch you will have one always hot wire (black) and one switched (hot only when the switch is on).  When you hook up to go to another light (at the switch or at a light depending on which of the above two methods you use) always feed the next device from the always hot wire.

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