How Do I Hook Up 2 3 Way Dimmers And Switches With 1 Circuit Proding Power To Both?


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3 way switch drawings
If two dimmers are in the same box providing power to both switches, the original system had to be wired in that same method. I can not exactly tell what you are asking though?

If you are speaking of two different locations where the same circuit ties in at different locations, you may be speaking of a meathod most commonly refered to as a CALIFRNIA 3 WAY.
This is where the power source is of the same circuit, but ties the HOT and NEAUTRAL wire into the system at different locations, via 2 wire .

First and foremost the dimmers will provide poor performance unless you use a MASTER/SLAVE set up

If it is a modern three way system and the MASTER/SLAVE set up requires both power and neutral at each end, you simply have to re configure the travelers to act as constant power(as they do not need travelers ) The master slave uses the Black for power, white for neutral and the red as the switch leg.(Red tie to the light black) It uses pulses to dictate on and off, and a "relay" to toggle between on and off.

Simple 3 way dimmers power the item to the state of the "connected dimmer"

Most often people place a dimmer switch at one end and a simple 3 way switch at the other.  The standard $12.00 dimmer switch is not capable of over-riding the preset level of its opposite counter part.

Leviton, x10, and a few other companies do make paired switches that work together and allow you to opperate the dimming function at each end. They tend to be slightly more expensive.


I placed some drawings on line for you to look at!

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