I Cant Get My Hot Water Heater To Light,What's The Problem?


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Test the gas line by holding a fire to the gas line. If explosion, then yep it works! JOKING.

  1. Be sure the top of water heater is perfectly lined up with a ventilation shaft, and the shaft is totally not clogged.
  2. Be sure you paid the gas bill and gas is actually flowing.
  3. Check in bottom plate under WH burner, see if it looks like water had been dripping and putting out the fire. If yes then replacing the entire water heater is only option.
  4. If no evidence of water then hold the Pilot button down 15 seconds, lite the pilot, continue holding another 60 seconds, then turn knob to ON position. Turn thermostat to Warm or High position. Fire supposed to burst open.
  5. Newer WH's has an air intake screen filter at bottom of tank on the floor. The water heater does not get enough oxygen to light up if the screen filter gets clogged with dirt, dust.
  6. To clean the screen filter use a wire brush, vacuum blower, vacuum suction.
  7. If none of the above works, then replace the water heater because there are problems with the thermostat and/or burner.

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You usually have to hold the button down for 30 seconds or so after its lit, then turn the knob to the on position and it should hold then and make sure the thermostat is turned on it
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You may have a newer model which has an air intake filter in the bottom. If the filter becomes clogged with dust and dirt the water heater does not get enough oxygen to light. The filter will have to be cleaned, usually by a licensed technician.

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