My Water Is Not Getting Hot, What Do I Do?


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This depends on the type of system you have installed in the home to heat your water. Do you have oil-fired central heating or gas for example? It may also be useful to check if your radiators are getting hot or not if the two systems are connected.
If you have a gas system, your water may not be heating up if you need to buy more gas. If the system is connected to a central heating system, you may need to buy more home heating oil. On the other hand, if you have already checked your fuel levels and they seem to be fine, there may be a possibility your system has developed an airlock. This prevents the fuel getting through the system of pipes in your home to the radiators and to the water.
An electric shower may not be getting warm if there is a fault it the shower system itself. If it is not turning on the best thing to do is to get a plumber out to have a look at it. Some shower systems are only designed to last for a few years so you may even need a new shower installed.
As water pipes can be very dangerous and could lead to serious problems in the home if messed around with, if you are not very knowledgeable when it comes to DIY and water pipes- please leave it to an expert. Even if it is only a simple job at least you can rest assured the problem will be resolved quickly and efficiently.
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You said the pilot light is on so that tells me you have a gas water heater vs. An electric it sounds like your burner itself isn't getting ignited to heat your water. This is usually caused by some kind of blockage, could be dust, or something else. Also, check the temp you have it set on, it may be that you only need to adjust that.  Otherwise, it would be best to call your plumber, or someone very knowledgeable in gas water heaters,  and have him check it out. Good luck!
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thanks for your response, but how do I check the temp. plate on the top
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Somewhere on your tank you should have a knob, ours is at the bottom, or something that says "temp regulator" etc. It may even read in degrees, hi or low, or percentage, depending on your make/model of H2O heater. If you have a cut out door even, open it, it could be in there. If you still can't find it, best you call a pro. Hope this helps!
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If it is an electric water heater, one of your heating elements is possibly inoperative.
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I have electric hot water, I have not been able to get enough hot water to take a shower for awhile. Tonight I turned on the hot and it's BROWN.!!!!!  I ran the water several times and it's still Brown.  Please help.  
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 Not Getting Hot could indicate poor setting of your boiler. You could try resetting as well as trouble shooting and if this doesn't work then Call a professional. This is quite common with most boilers s and can be resolved by a professional especially where a boiler may be over due for servicing.
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If it is brand new chances are that it is not wired correctly. Put a voltmeter on the elements and see if you have 240 volts. Did you turn on the breaker.
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Water heaters also have a tube in the cold water side that dips down to the lower half of the tank sometimes this gets eaten by corrosion so the water cumming in doesn't get heated right you can get a replacement from any MAJOR hardware store.
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Your heating element  is inactive. If it is electric then may my any wire has misplaced or if it is gas water heater then boiler pump will be damage. You can call a plumber to fix it.

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Its possible but not likely it's the element. Something is not wired right , no power to the tank,my first thought.

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