My Cold Water Is Not Going Into My Washer, I Have Only Hot Water. What Can I Do?


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If there are problems with the water supply, it is better to call professional help, namely emergency plumbing Hampshire. Plumbing work is a rather complicated matter, given that no matter how high-quality the plumbing is, from time to time it needs repair or replacement. It is for this reason that it is always important to call a plumber at home.

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1st --check cold supply valve is fully open.

2nd --turn off valve (cold) unscrew hose from valve and check screen (if installed) is clean.

3rd --crack open valve (over bucket) to verify pressure

4th --check screen at the hose connection on machine

When reconnecting replace HOSE WASHERS.
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Thanks for the tip. This worked great. I had no screen on the hose or at the shut off valve, however there was one on the back of the washer where the hose connects. It was clogged heavily with rust and lime.
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Endo covered almost all the things, but there are others unless it was working! I'm a plumber! And have a GROUP "Plumbers Help"! So if it's still bad go there! :) :)

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