Water Won't Come Into Washing Machine, Can You Help?


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First, check and make sure that the valve at the wall is functional. To check, turn off the water at the wall, and disconnect the hoses from the back of the machine. Then while holding the hoses into the washing machine basin, turn on the water to make sure they valve is opening. If it is, turn the water and we can move to the next step.

With the hoses disconnected still, but the machine plugged in- turn the machine on as though you were going to do a normal load. It /should/ try to fill with water, but it won't of course because the hoses are still disconnected. If you can listen carefully and hear a "buzz" sound coming from the back of the washer where the hoses connect, that is the valves in the back of the machine attempting to open so that your washer will fill, but apparently aren't working. If you put the brand name and model number (usually located on a sticker under the door or on the top edge of the control panel) into a Google along with "water inlet valve" you can find a place to get a replacement.

If you don't hear a "buzz" sound, it is an electrical problem, which can be a variety of things depending on the type of washer. In that case I would recommend calling someone unless you are familiar with using an electrical meter.

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